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$4 le gallon aux USA, $8 en France

Et 4x10 = 40 heures

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par Joël Seguin

How to ease cost of commuting. A handful of small towns and community colleges are switching to four-day workweeks in an effort to help employees cope with the rising gasoline prices. Assuming gas stays at $4 a gallon and workers use two gallons for each round trip to work, the savings for having 800 workers commuting only four days a week could save a total of $300,000 over the course of the year.

Some corporations are trying to help employees keep fuel costs down. HP is quadrupling his videoconferencing room by next year and sent newsletters to employees reminding them that company shuttles, car pools and bicycles are good ways to save gas money.

Controlling the cost of food and other economics factors is out of hand but something can be done to help the price of gas.


Traduction. Typiquement, les américains utiliseront leur journée libre supplémentaire comme ceci : des heures de volontariat dans des organisations sans but lucratif, des églises et clubs sportifs; des heures à s'occuper de leur maison ou à travailler dans une autre boîte tout près de chez eux cette fois... Les possibilités ne manquent pas.


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