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Relationships And Caring Habits

Aider à faire des choix sans contraindre

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par Joël Seguin

Over a decade ago, I was browsing the bookstore and randomly picked up a book, Choice Theory. I opened it up somewhere in the middle of the book and read that page.

Every word resonated with my personal belief that happiness and success are directly related to creating authentic and loving relationships in our lives. And, that everything we do is a choice. Dr. Glasser provides profound insight into human behavior relating to this idea and how we can relate to others lovingly, change our behavior and choose to be happy.
Lynn Nauth

Note: Join The William Glasser Institute in May 2009 as Dr. Glasser’s 84th birthday is celebrated. A Basic Intensive Week Training is organized throughout the world during the entire month and enrollment is open to everyone. If you are interested in attending a Basic Intensive Week, check here often to see if a class is scheduled in your area.

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